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Super-large round type high-vacuum gate valve (up to φ400mm)

Round type gate valve


MARINA is a simply structured and compactly designed round, pendulum type valve having stable sealing performance.
This valve handles a wide range of applications from semiconductor manufacturing equipment to large-size FPD or organic EL manufacturing equipment.


Schematic diagram of round type gate valve

Diameter Model A B C D E
250 M-250J(S)-2(3) 460 655 100 134.5 250
320 M-320J(S)-2(3) 555 790 120 129.5 320
400 M-400J(S)-2(3) 630 944 135 129 400


Opening diameter ~φ400mm
Working pressure range Atmospheric pressure to 5.0×10-6Pa
He leak rate Valve body:1×10-10Pa・m3/s or less
Seal plate:5×10-10Pa・m3/s or less
Differential pressure when open 1000Pa or less
Life cycles Lock-free operation: 1,000,000
Open-close operation: 1,000,000
Materials Valve casing unit:AC4C-T6
Seal plate:A5052
Mounting posture Seal face “top” or “bottom”
Baking temperature Valve casing:Max120℃
Drive section:Max60℃
Supply air pressure Lock/Free port 0.5±0.05MPa
Open/Close port 0.5±0.05MPa
Air piping diameter Lock/Free  6mm
Open/Close  6mm
Operating time Lock/Free  about 1.0s
Open/Close about3.0s

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