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IRIE KOKEN offers items that can be used under ultra-high vacuum and other clean environments or under harsh circumstances exposed to reactant gases, chemicals, and other factors with “metal bellows, vacuum valves, vacuum piping, chambers, vacuum feedthroughs, and other vacuum equipment.”

What is a vacuum valve?

The open-close valves can provide isolation between atmospheric pressure and vacuum and between vacuums. Vacuum refers to a “space lower in pressure than the atmospheric pressure (approx. 100,000 Pa ≒ 1000hPa), and IRIE KOKEN’s vacuum valves can isolate 1×10-6Pa (pressure of approx. 100,000,000,000 part of the atmospheric pressure) from the atmospheric pressure.

Vacuum chambers

We accept orders for manufacturing chambers which can withstand special internal environments that vary from an ultra-high vacuum to an atmospheric pressure, a plasma environment, a lean active gas environment, etc., including gate valves.

Vacuum components (feedthroughs)

The vacuum equipment enables driving in linear and rotational directions as isolation is provided between the vacuum and atmosphere. We offer 2 types: bellows-sealed and magnetic.


Metal bellows applied products are widely used as rail car parts as a result of many years of use performance and high reliability.

Products catalog

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