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High-vacuum angle valve

High-vacuum angle valve

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IRIE KOKEN’s high-vacuum angle valves are long lifetime vacuum valves with built-in formed or welded bellows with a long performance record of success. The valves include three types of connection: an easy-to-handle NW-KF flange that conforms to ISO standards, a CF (conflat) flange that can also be used for ultra-high vacuums or toxic gases, and a common vacuum flange that conforms to JIS. These are available in both manual and automatic (pneumatic) series models.
The LX Series (guaranteed life of 1 million repetitions) has also been added as a standard product to meet demands for longer life products.


Sizes and types

Size 16A,25A,40A,50A,63A,80A,100A
Drive method Automatic: Double-acting (normally open/normally closed)
* For 80A and 100A, only double-acting and manual types are available.
Repetition life Automatic: 100,000 repetitions, 1,000,000 repetitions
Manual: 50,000 repetitions
* 200,000 repetitions for 80A and 100A of double-acting specification.
Products having a life of 1,000,000 repetitions are custom-made.
Connection flange NW-KF flange, CF (conflat) flange, JIS vacuum flange
* CF and JIS flanges are one-side rotating.

When ordering
Detailed specifications and dimensions are introduced in catalogs. For questions about products, click here.
Only for NW-KF flange specifications from 16A to 63A in size, straight valves are available.

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