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IRIE KOKEN’s various feedthroughs can be used in regions up to high vacuums. (Bellows-sealed linear feedthroughs can be used up to ultrahigh vacuums.) For the bellows-sealed type, our high-reliability metal welded bellows are used.

In addition to the described standard products, we also design and manufacture individually for each customer request. Please feel free to inquire.

Bellows-sealed linear feedthroughs

IRIE KOKEN’s linear feedthroughs, incorporating our high-reliability welded bellows, enable long strokes. We offer many different sizes as well as manual and automatic types.

Bellows-sealed rotary feedthroughs

IRIE KOKEN’s bellows-sealed rotary feedthroughs are available in high-precision rotary feedthroughs and compact rotary feedthroughs as a unit to conduct rotational motion from the atmosphere side to the vacuum side. They can be used in regions up to high vacuums because metal welded bellows are used for isolation between the vacuum and atmosphere.

Magnetic feedthroughs

These are magnetic coupling type feedthroughs mechanisms using strong permanent magnets. We offer two types: rotary feedthroughs and linear feedthroughs, which are also available as motor-driven.

IKC’s lineup of feedthroughs

Name Connection flange Model
Bellows-sealed linear feedthroughs
Photo of linear feedthroughs
Compact CF34 ILC-34
Manual CF34 ILD-34M
CF70 ILD-70M
CF114 ILD-114M
CF70 ILD-70A
CF114 ILD-114A
CF152 ILD-152A
CF203 ILD-203A
Bellows-sealed rotary feedthroughs
Photo of rotary feedthroughs
Standard CF34 IRC-34
CF70 IRC-70
High-precision CF70 IRP-70
Magnetic linear rotary feedthroughs
Photo of magnetic linear rotary feed through
CF70 MFL-70
CF114 MFL-114
Magnetic rotary feedthroughs
Photo of magnetic rotary feed throughs
CF34 MFR-34
CF70 MFR-70
* Bellows hollow feedthroughs
 Photo of bellows hollow feedthroughs
High-rigidity CF34 ILHA-34
CF70 ILHA-70
CF114 ILHA-114
Compact CF34 ILHB-34
CF70 ILHB-70
* XY tables
Photo of XY tables
XY adjustments only CF70 TSL-70
CF114 TSL-114
CF152 TSL-152
XY adjustments
+ angle adjustments
CF70 TSN-70
CF114 TSN-114
CF152 TSN-152
* Shutters
Photo of shutters
Manual CF70 RCS-70
CF114 RCS-114
CF152 RCS-152
CF203 RCS-203
CF70 ARS-70
CF114 ARS-114
CF152 ARS-152
CF203 ARS-203

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