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These are magnetic coupling type feedthroughs mechanisms using strong permanent magnets.
We offer two types: rotary feedthroughs and linear feed throughs, which are also available as motor-driven.

Photo of magnetic feed throughs


List of magnetic feed throughs

Name Magnetic rotary feedthroughs
Detailed specifications
Magnetic linear rotary feed throughs
Detailed specifications
Appearance Magnetic rotary feedthroughs Magnetic linear rotary feedthroughs
Model MFR-34 MFR-70 MFL-70 MFL-114
Connection flange CF34 CF70 CF70 CF114
Drive method Manual
(or motor-driven)
Rotation range 360° continuous
Linear stroke - 500,800,1000mm
End shaft diameter φ6(-0.01/-0.02) φ10(-0.01/-0.02) φ19h8
Leak rate 1×10-9Pa・m3/s or less
Baking temperature 120°C (with magnets)
Main materials Main body: SUS304 Wheel: Aluminum
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<When ordering>
Detailed specifications and dimensions are also introduced in product catalogs.
For delivery time, price and other questions about products, please inquire from there.
In addition to the above standard products, we also design and manufacture (specified linear stroke, XY fine adjustment mechanism, support stand, motor drive, etc.) individually for each customer request. Please feel free to ask us.

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