VACUUM Exhibitor workshop

We appreciate your participation.
Date and time: Wednesday, September 6 from 11: 10 am to 11: 40 am
Site: Workshop venue in the VACUUM 2017 exhibition hall
Title: Development of Medical Infusion Pump Using Vacuum Technology
Participation fee: Free and first-come-first-served
Company name: IRIE KOKEN CO., LTD.

We are trying to enter the medical field as a new business direction, and as one of its efforts, we are developing a medical infusion pump using vacuum technology.
"Intravenous Drip" at the medical facility is a process of medical practice and performed on patients. In general, however, a method of hanging infusion bags on a stand and administering the medicinal solution by gravity has been continuing for more than 100 years.
In the conventional infusion method, the drip rate changes due to the height of the infusion pack and the patient's posture (turning over, etc.). The chance of a blood backflow accident due to hanging position of the infusion pack is too low, but fall accidents accompanying the stand movement reported sometimes.
We are regularly participating in various events associated with medical needs and asking the doctor, "Will not it be possible to have a drip system that can be carried without hanging?"
Based on the idea that "It might be possible to use an infusion pump that can carry without using electricity by only using the pressure difference between vacuum and atmospheric pressure, which will be useful even at home care, emergency medical care, etc." It is continuing to develop.
We will introduce the new approach of vacuum technology as our new business which was also taken up at the Gaia no yoake in TV Tokyo.

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