Exhibition at the 21th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo Osaka (M-Tech KANSAI)

We are grateful for the number of visitors who visited our booth.

  • Vacuum gate valves (corresponding to low particle)
    Products that can respond to miniaturization are exhibited as a new model of the KOSLARZE II series. These products are capable of 2,000,000 repetitions, and low-vibration and low-particle specifications. (Actual products on display)

  • Pd / Ti code bellows (reference exhibition)
    By collaborating with Prof. Kazuhiko Mase of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, we are developing a formed bellows with non evaporative getter performance. Although it is at the research level, the ultimate pressure has reached 6.1 × 10 -8Pa. Please drop by so we will exhibit samples.
  • Transfer systems (ALSUS systems)
    An introduction is given to transfer systems incorporating feedthroughs and other drive mechanisms in an SUS/Al chamber based on vacuum technology we have developed with ultra-high vacuum equipment. (Actual products on display)

  • Elevating and lowering welded bellows
    An introduction is given to automatic elevating and lowering mechanisms of welded bellows that are not only used for semiconductor, liquid crystal, and vacuum equipment but also used as airtight sealing members for gases and fluids across a wide range of fields, such as accelerators, nuclear fusion, railways, and medicine. (Actual products on display)

  • Dates:October 3 (Wed) to 5 (Fri), 2018 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (ending at 5:00 pm on 5(Fri) only)
  • Site: INTEX OSAKA Our booth: Hall 5 No.25-9
  • Host:Reed Exhibitions Japan
  • Simultaneously held exhibitions:“Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo Kansai (DMS KANSAI)” and “Factory Facilities & Equipment Expo (FacTex KANSAI)”
  • Click http://www.mtech-kansai.jp/en/Home/ for details

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