Provision of titanium bellows and beam monitor to J-PARC

Since its foundation, IRIE KOKEN has participated in many national projects, such as synchrotron radiation, ring cyclotron, TRISTAN, SP-8, KEKB, and medical accelerators, and we participated in this J-PARC construction project based on our rich experience in delivery of welded bellows, formed bellows, beam diagnostic systems, etc., used for accelerator beam lines.

For J-PARC, we started the early development of titanium formed bellows, and we delivered not only titanium formed bellows with RF finger contacts to the 3Gev synchrotron, 50Gev synchrotron, nuclear and elementary particles experiment facility (Hadron Experimental Facility), and materials and life science experimental facility, but also beam position monitors, beam profile monitors, and many other beam diagnostic systems, by which we have made a further leap forward as an equipment maker specifically for ultrahigh vacuum.

View of J-PARC Center
Panoramic view of facilities (source: JAEA/KEK J-PARC Center)
Provision of titanium bellows and beam monitor to J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex)
Certificate of appreciation
Titanium formed bellows with RF sliding finger contacts Certificate of appreciation
Certificate of appreciation

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