Provision of bellows and valves for LED and organic EL manufacturing equipment as well as reactors.

We offer bellows and valves for LED and organic EL manufacturing equipment as well as reactors. Promoting a low-carbon society, device manufacturing technologies for LEDs, organic EL lighting systems, LED TVs, HVs, EVs, etc., continue to attract attention as CO2 reduction and energy-saving technologies.

The ultrahigh vacuum technology developed by IRIE KOKEN having 27 long years of experience in this field is highly active. Particularly, our technological capabilities from design through production of the main reactor section have made major contributions and achieved satisfactory results in developing white LED and blue laser products. Nowadays, the demand for these products is expanding rapidly.

For the design and production technologies of susceptor elevating and rotating mechanisms incorporating our flagship welded bellows, uniquely designed gate valves incorporated in wafer transfer and load-lock mechanisms, and precision chambers including a cooling mechanism, our welding skills are highly regarded as our core competencies by our customers.

Principally, IRIE KOKEN’s feeding systems are custom-made, and recently, the demand for predominant GaN and sapphire and also GaAs, SiC and other large-size substrates is growing sharply. As for MOCVD equipment in this field, we comprise more than 50% of the industry.

Meanwhile, in the organic EL market, including overseas markets, inquiries for the supply of gate valves capable of 4G to 6G substrates are making a comeback of sorts to meet demand for larger-size panels. Also, the “Flat-Seal” gate valve for flexible substrates that can be roll-to-roll, holding airtightness in the atmosphere/vacuum has also been introduced as a new product to the equipment market for post-green FPD.

Flat-Seal gate valve for flexible substrates
Flat-Seal gate valve for flexible substrate "FFT_Valve"

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