Rectangular type gate valve/Rectangular type gate valve


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We have realized improvement in maintainability by reducing the number of parts of the drive section of the high-vacuum gate valve having been developed for organic EL manufacturing vacuum film-forming equipment and optimizing parts placement.
can cover wide-ranging opening sizes.


IRIE KOKEN has developed a high-vacuum gate valve capable of LTPS and OLED. Through the adoption
of the one-action valve mechanism by the cam system, we have realized improvement in maintainability by
designing compactly to the extent possible. KOSLARZE-2R covers wide-ranging opening sizes from
450mm semiconductor manufacturing equipment to large-size liquid crystal and photovoltaic manufacturing


  • Particle-free
    Through the adoption of a non-friction mechanism, a high level of cleanliness is kept inside
    the equipment.
  • Superior seal performance
    Due to our original groove shape, the seal
    portion of the valve plate secures stable seal performance even under critical conditions,
    such as prevention of metal contact.
  • Easy maintenance
    Designed for easy maintenance. Types included with a valve casing are provided with a
    maintenance flange on the top to facilitate mounting and removing the valve plate.
  • Long lifetime, high quality
    With our unique bellows, quality and reliability to have a long lifetime are secured.


Working pressure range Atmospheric pressure~1×10-6Pa
He leak rate Main body:1×10-10Pa・m3/s or less
Valve plate:5×10-10Pa・m3/s or less
Applicable differential pressure Negative pressure, positive pressure, equal pressure
Maintenance cycle 1×106 repetitions (excluding valve plate O-rings)
Materials (valve casing, valve plate) SUS,A5052

We offer a valve casing type that mounts the valve casing to a chamber, and a direct mount type that
directly mounts the valve plate in the chamber of equipment.
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